The Foundation for Family Life and the MentorWorks program assists addicts, alcoholics, and ex-offenders through a relationship with trained mentors. Together, we help develop a workable "Success Plan" for transition into mainstream society.


  • Getting Started

    Online Application
    Transitioning back into a sober lifestyle and family reintegration can be a daunting goal. We're here to help, and you can get started immediately with our convenient online application. If you're a family member or friend looking to help a loved one, you can start here too.

    Online Application

  • Fatherhood Course

    Strength Training for Strong Fathers

    Fatherhood classes for men who are in arrears with child support. This course helps fathers understand their vital role in their child's life. It helps them understand their own 'fatherhood' issues and challenges them to think proactively about their role as a father for the rest of their lives. It also helps them address relationship issues with the mother of their children. Ultimately, efforts in this class will lead to more involved fathering and address visitation issues.

    We will post course schedules here and on our FatherWorks page when they become available. Inquire about this and other courses by contacting us.

  • Volunteer Opportunities!

    Online Application
    Are you looking for opportunities to assist others? Do you want to make a difference in people's lives who need you NOW? Fill out our Volunteer Program sign-up sheet and let US know how YOU want to help. Jump in and give us a hand, as we assist those in difficult circumstances rebuild their lives.

  • MentorWorks Update!

    Utah County Growth
    Our MentorWorks program continues to focus on reaching and helping more clients across Utah. We're happy to inform you that MentorWorks now has two Sober Living facilities in the Orem area helping men rebuild and refocus their lives. Our efforts don't stop there - we realize the importance of balancing our efforts, and we're in the process of opening our first Utah County Women's Sober Living facility. This exciting expansion will help so many, and we look forward to strengthening the family bond and support of our clients.

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MENTORWORKS Testimonials

Three of our clients talk about their road to recovery through our program. MENTORWORKS addiction recovery creates a welcoming environment with personalized mentors.

Substance abuse recovery - especially after incarceration - needs support and guided personalized influences. Mentoring within a structured environment and success plan is the key to recovery.

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From a Client:

"That Paraphernalia in my drawer is NOT mine!..."

"I'm holding it for a friend, so she doesn't relapse!"

No They Didn't!

From a Client after a failed drug screen:

"I went to check out a pair of work-boots from Craig's List, and 3 girls invited me in, and FORCED me to do drugs... I woke up a couple hours later and escaped... I went to the ER 'cause I thought they'd done somethin' to me...and found out I had cocaine, heroin and meth in me. They must have given me a speedball or somethin' - and they took all my money, too..." "I'm lucky to be alive...."

No They Didn't!

Judge:"Where have you been?"

“I went to 4th Street and I ran into a girl that I know. She gave me some skittles, and I ate them because I like candy. Turns out they were laced with LSD and I went on a trip for a week. I'm not sure exactly what happened.”

Judge - Now laughing: "I'm sending you back to prison."

No They Didn't!

Getting Started


Complete application & select submit at bottom. (If "submit" doesn't work, save to your computer, & click here to upload).

Alternatively, download the application, print, and submit later (via scanned email or postal mail).

Success Plan

We also want you to begin thinking about your recovery goals so please complete a Success Plan.

Father's Day Message

A very special Father's Day message from a daughter's memory.


Family Support

Helping a loved one is difficult and confusing. Here's how we can help.

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Volunteer Opportunities!

If you're looking for a worthy cause to roll up your sleeves and dive into - we are always looking for a hand. Our program has many opportunities to serve those rebuilding their lives. Join our worthy cause.


The Foundation for Family Life and MentorWorks need your help.

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Mentoring with the Individual

Taking the time to develop a one on one mentoring relationship with those who suffer from addiction. We assist in building a workable real-world 'Success Plan', and help make it happen.

Building within the family

Focusing on rebuilding family relationships is key. Its not just the family reaching out to support the individual, but instilling a responsible role within the family for our clients.

Mentoring Works

Now where do I go? And how do I move on? I didn't know how I was going to do it, or what I was going to do. The Foundation for Family Life and MENTORWORKS - That was the answer.


One of the benefits I received, is a clean and sober place to live. You're surrounded by awesome people with generous hearts, who would go to the ends of the Earth for you.


I hit rock bottom in several ways: my family had all given up on me...and this foundation hasn't. They've accepted me, and I continue to pursue my sobriety and my goals.


When you realize all the harm you've caused your family and friends - but more importantly, the harm you've caused yourself. When you get there, where do you turn?