Mentoring Relationships

Building a Plan for Success

Our Volunteer Mentors work with and support our clients as they develop and follow a success plan. Working within our clients unique circumstances to insure transitional success. The client is the central focus, and their plan for success is built around their personal goals.

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Housing Support

Clean Starts - Clean Living

Our clients can count on a clean, focused living environment. We supply 90 days of structured housing, that includes live-in responsibilities, Access to tools and programs, and an environment where a client can focus on their action plan.

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Employment Opportunities

Working Creates Success

MENTORWORKS has employment opportunities through our business associates - including Wasatch Staffing. Employment is a major influence on transition success. Our resources include several work opportunities. If the client has approved employment, we will support their efforts to be successful in creating a future.

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Transportation Support

Transportation Costs and Support

Clients have to get places - to work, to support-groups, to family events, and many other places related to their successful transition. In selected areas, we can supply access to bicycles and provide bus passes (UTA-Bus, Trax, and Frontrunner). We help our clients get where they need to go to be successful.

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Family Life Center

We supply individuals with a wide range of services and programs. Whether pre-employment screening, ergonomic work training, or even Partial Hospitalization Programs, the Family Life Center works hand in hand with Wasatch Staffing, MentorWorks, and the Foundation for Family Life.

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Foundation for Family Life

The Family: the most important part of a successful life. Regardless of personal circumstance, we are successful when we are a supportive part of our family. The Foundation for Family Life and MENTORWORKS assist addiction recovery by focusing on building strong family relationships and responsible roles.

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Wasatch Staffing

Successful planning includes full time employment that supports the transition from incarceration. We can supply this needed support through one of our business partners - Wasatch Staffing. Employment is a cornerstone to the success of MENTORWORKS, and our clients' plans.

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